Bioptic Driving

Matthew Layton presents Studio 1 – Vision Australia Radio’s weekly look at life from a low vision and blind point of view.

This week…

Bioptic Driving - the technology that allows people with certain specific vision impairments to drive legally on Australian roads.

Matthew’s guest this week is Rob Eaves, who, like Matthew himself, is a husband, a father, a Brit building a life for his family in Adelaide, a Formula 1 fan and, at, about number five on the list, he's also partially sighted,

Unlike Matthew, with the help of a small telescopic device that clips onto the front of his glasses, Rob can drive legally on Australian roads.

And Matthew has his regular appointment with the show’s Mental Health and Safety Manager Tammey Candeloro. Not only is she an Australian registered, Lifeline certified counsellor, she’s legally blind, so she gets where you’re coming from.

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Tammy Candeloro - Counselling 4 You WA - 0423 93 15 74

[PHOTO CAPTION: This week’s Studio 1 guest Rob Eaves wearing a bioptic telescope clipped to the front of his glasses, smiling for the camera]


Vision Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation for Studio 1.

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